The Last Elven Village


For many centuries there lay a small village wrapped in mystery, buried deep within the forest for as long as anyone could recall. The light elves called this place home it had manged to stay hidden until the end of the war with man kind. The last of the magic would seep into their landscape giving birth to the pools of eternity. And it was said they had the ability to bring the dead back to life through a rarely performed ritual.

The Elves run on a MATRIARCHAL society as it was woman who where the life givers. They are ruled over by An Elder who keeps the peace. Their women were raised to be independent, strong minded and proud. Finding themselves the protectors of the forest and the last bits of magic, just like the men, they were trained to defend their village and their way of life. All Camlion Warriors were known to be a match against any enemy. The men and woman of the the light were renowned for their horsemanship and hunting skills. Over time with magic gone the elves natural gift for archery would shine.

Forced Slavery was not accepted within the light elf society, as it took away the freedom of choice on ones path into their future. They embraced the nature that surrounded their small Village and incorporated it into their way of life, Druids and Shamans holding high places within their ranks, knowing the lands and healing properties of the earth and their Goddesses. Their strange ways often caused whispers to flourish in the surrounding Port Aries, that the the light elves still had magic that played upon their fingertips, that they were witches of the woods who could cure strange illnesses and speak to those that had passed and even helped the dead rise once again.

Present Day

It is rumored that the bloodlines of the light elves has weakened over time through the mixing of races. The gift to use any magic that might have have remained faded, those who still possess the Seer ability now only may only sense the souls of the dead, And the Elders Crown holds the last power to bring a person back to life only if it set upon this Ancient ones Head can its mysterious magics be used and so it protected by all within the two Realms. Camlion have opened their doors to mankind and let them drink from the waters to stop their aging. It is an uneasy peace for the moment. 

Light elves have a high position of themselves, even in comparison with the other races as they feel that they are the chosen people left to guard the last bits of magic in the world. Those elves who are driven into the world forge a path among the other races often as spies or scouts on the behalf of their people, as vigilant watchmen against possible threats. Others might be drawn to adventure by a desire to explore the ancient ruins of the world and learn from their secrets, gaining secrets, gathering what remains to bring back to their people.

While the light elves do recognize Forced Slavery they do not condone it, they understand that it is common place within the other societies, if a slave runs away to escape their owners they maybe welcomed into their society but not necessarily protected if their owner seeks them out within the village. They look down on other elves who have submitted themselves. Light elves hold the greatest resentment to their dark elf cousins, whom they see as having abandoned their homeland after the great war with mankind to save themselves. All that being said they do welcome in outsiders to live within their village of all races who swear to the Guardian Elder and give their lives to protect the pools of eternity.

OOC Info

A SEER bring back and see souls and NOT all members of this group have the gift. And those who are approved as seers the gifts will vary based on backstories. 

Those who are Druid know what herbs and plants might contain magical properties but those using it do not have magic themselves. They know the arts of healing but just like any doctor present day there is no magic involved.

The Protector Guardian’s crown has the power of resurrection to those of the lineage. 

This is a way to oocly handle IC deaths of characters if the administration or player wishes a way for them to come back to life.

Roles In the Village

Guardian Protector- Advisor to all creatures in Camlion, is the siphon to bring back the souls from dead using her crown, she is trusted to guard and protect this crown as well as a figure head for her people. Though the Elders Take Care of the Day to Day Governance of the City and forrests.

ELDERS- The leaders of large elven families within the village they are looked up to by all and treated with respect. They have proved their loyal to the Guardian, she will also confer with them to with make decisions. When the Guardian is away they often will keep the peace in her steed.

SEERS- Have who have the ability to sense the dead, thought they can not speak directly with those who have passed. People may seek them out to find out if a loved one has passed on. This gift is tied to the Realms when they leave their gift is no longer with them. They are also trusted to help guide the visitors who come seeking the pools to drink. Some Say they were once the Mages but with magic broken… this is all that seems to remain. 

COURTESAN- The highly accomplished and trained woman who entertained their clients by dancing, singing, and playing music, they spends many years learning to play various musical instruments,. Some were renowned poets and calligraphers.

DRUID- Commune with nature, produce herbs, and potions both healing and poison and typically have an animal familiar they communicate with them that is all. They are seen as the healers of the village.

SHAMANS -Religious leaders, who perform ceremonies such as blessing, baptisms, burial rights and even weddings.

WARRIORS- Those who take up arms to protect the village. Both men and woman. They enforce the peace if any visitors would try and attack the peacefulness of the village these people would deal with them swiftly.

SCOUTS- Those who track animals and people through the woods and nearby territories. Often hired by others for trapping or even to guide them through the wilds. They are responsible for patrolling the wilderness and keeping it safe

DWELLERS – Those who simply live with in the village. Every day people just going about their lives Cooks, Farmers, etc.

They are polytheistic and each shaman within their society represents a different goddess and consider themselves protectors of their forest that is seen as the gateway to the underworld and are weary of outsiders, though they are not met with hostility unless provoked first, they have been known to travel to outside Kingdoms.


Those who call this area home would not have the same modesty ideas as those with in a the cities, often woman would have their bodies exposed like a slave might with in other societies. Men and women are not ashamed of nudity.They dress in leathers, skins, light armor, flowing and sheer clothing that they can move about the forest swiftly. Men would dress in light leathers, kilts and toga’s, Lots of sandals and leather boots (Think of Greek mythology, amazons, jason and the argonauts, the 300 ect )