Festival of Life

The Overview


It began as a whispers in the taverns and along the shores you could hear them say, Remnants of the old magic were seeping into the lands flora and fauna once more. Could this be a new beginning or something far more sinister?

But It had been an eternity since anyone spoke of the rift that separated the lands. The Great war of the ancient tree gone from time, when something tragic happens, it’s often said we lose a piece of ourselves. And so it was with all those in the Forsaken Realms, Port Ares and Camlion they felt it… something missing.

Across the lands there was a mingling where once there was hatred now there was something else. Of course there were rivalries, secret plots. Love and hate are often intermingled so why not put that to use… festivals to bring people together once more?

Men and Orc’s good at war and weapons. Elves Good with Bow and steed. The time had come to bring those skills to use without chaos. Rivals could test one another metal. Grudges met and overcome…..Honor renewed…..And so it was decided that Tournaments would be held to bring everyone together celebrating life….putting the past where it belongs or so they hoped.

OOC Regulation

The Marshals shall provide guidelines to the participants on where to assemble around and in what area there will be competition, The rules, any announcements and procedures to follow.

The Marshals will call attention to enter the Tournament Board when its time to enter.

“JOIN” the tournament when the official announces board is “OPEN”. After all have entered, the official will “CLOSE” the board and no further entrants will be allowed.

Once the matches are “SEEDED”. All participants should remain in the viewing stands until their name is called by the official to make ready or approach the list.

All combatants attending the festival of life tournament are expected have pre-tested their equipment, have the skills to compete, remain respectful of others and maintain chivalrous behavior.

The Tournament marshal has final say on decisions regarding a match. Please respect the rules of the Event you have chosen to attend or enter into as a combatant.

Arguing with participants, other spectators or an official in Local chat during a Festival is disruptive to all, and can lead to disqualification or ejection.

Protests should be filed in IM or NC with a Marshal of the Field or the Commissioner for review. Past rulings stand, but each protest will be followed up on and appropriate action if any taken.


Remove huds, radars, meters, AO’s, weapons and any unnecessary scripted items to reduce lag.
please sit in the provided areas to watch each event this will help reduce lag issues for everyone.
If involved with role-playing this event, please maintain proper decorum and respect for all.


Crest/Shield Jousters are allowed to have Unique crest or shields should they choose.This is not mandatory.

Tournament Boards

Tournament Boards will show crests where applicable. Letter of intent to compete must be presented ICly. To the Festival commission.

Weapons Compatibility for tournaments in the Realms

ZCS meter 

These are weapons we’ve confirmed as being compatible with the zCS. This is by no means a definite list and our testing only covers security, timing and auto sheath checks. If you have any queries, we recommend you contact the creator and perform your own tests. You as a sim owner are ultimately responsible for choosing what on your sim.

If you find somethings compatible but not on the list, message me and I’ll add it.
We’ve separated the list into vendors who’s weapons implement locking when unconscious and those that don’t, zCS makes implementing weapon locking easy and it is now required to be added to the list.

You can always find the official specification here. https://gitlab.com/zcs-sl/meter/wikis/%5BOfficial%5D+Weapon+Specification

Implement Locking
The Forge/EZ | EZ Weapons (EZWeaponry) | Melee & Ranged (Firo series)
Equinox | EquinoxSecurity | Melee & Ranged
Iroas | IroasWeapons | Melee & Ranged
Anyon | AnyonWeapons | Melee & Ranged
[A.W.] | A.W. Secutiry (nimus.mortensen) | Melee & Ranged
GTS Weapons | GTS Weapons (gtsweapons Diabolito) | Melee (8.3+) & Ranged (2.3+)
HZ Weapons | ßσɓ (hzengineer) | Melee & Ranged

Don’t Implement Locking
PFC | PFCWeapons | Melee & Ranged – Only locks temporarily if drawn when captured.
LR | LRWeapons Chrome | Melee & Ranged
Markz | Markz McMahon | Melee & Ranged
Jungle Weapons | JungleWeaponS | Melee & Ranged
Vo-Fang Weapons (VF/VFX) | Tungsten Inventor | Melee & Ranged
Myst Weapons | MystWeapons Resident | Melee & Ranged
Ancient Builds | Jake Molinaro | Melee & Ranged
Mkbcult Weapons | mac Keystrel | Melee


List of currently approved Bows, lances and horses.


1) Approved lances: KISH, KK, MD, DL or TAS. No modified lances allowed. This means no modifying the position. Approved creator’s special lances are an exception.
2) Blunt Tip Only (TAS/Kish)
3) It is mandated the TAS lance setting not exceed position 6 on the HUD, which is close to the current maximum left width for KISH, KK, DL and MD lances.
Wider settings are permissible by mutual agreement of opponents facing each other in a match. Please IM your opponent before the match to request this option and convey your mutual agreement to the Marshal of the field that day.
4) Red lines on list lanes are used by the official as a visual guideline for judging lance settings too wide (TAS) or horse turns too sharp to be allowed.
5) Sharp turns resulting in a hit to the “back” of the avie will forfeit a point unless a jouster intentionally exposes their backside to the other jouster. The marshal will issue warnings on sharp turns in IM and continuance may lead to forfeiture of the match.
6) Lists that call fouls in local chat will be used to determine the legitimacy of each hit.


For the courses

EQ, LR, Dragon Lance
Unity, Unity Maxim -or- DCS Bows set to FAST PRACTICE/DCS mode, we are using the DLD Archery Targets.


AKK, TAS, McClean, NMJ, KK, EliteEquestrian for jousting.

elysian,, Teegle and waterhorse for the Archery course. and approved statics

Horses range in prices… they are all third party vendors.



Types of Events

All Festival competitions are based on the over all scores for a single and or Crew/Company/House and will Add points to an Overall Score for the House or Team. These will lead to Ic Charactrer advantages and Gifts which may Vary. They are meant to combine a variety of skill sets needed to win the overall best. So its not just how good a Fighter someone might be… but how well all of the skills combine to make the Whole. 



Jousting in the Tilt Yard

Metered Melee Combat

Team melee events like Capture the Flag and more similar styles. 

One to One in main Arena- various weapons specific tournaments. 

Sim Wide Archery Events

Mounted Archery

Large course on Foot

Rp Combat – one on one melee with dice

RP Wrestling

Melee One on One Free Style- Based on skill sets



Team Booth Decorating

Best Herald

Group Dance Performance

A Poet Laureate – the Silver Tongue



Outside Kingdom Jousting participants

Jousting was a martial game between two horsemen wielding lances with blunted tips, often as part of a Tournament with many skilled competitions. Each participant trying hard to strike the opponent while riding towards him at high speed, breaking the lance on the opponent’s shield or hitting his armor. The participants experience close to three and a quarter times their body weight in G-forces when the lances collide with their armor. They practiced chivalry and fair play on the tournament field even if they might be staunch enemies else-ware in life.

It transformed into a specialized sport during the the later middle ages. In Fantasy it is routinely run the same as it historically would have been conducted. To than End we as a Fantasy Rp Sim will allow Free Companies of Knights from other kingdoms(fantasy sims) to participated in some of the Festival of life’s events as a team.

Since Free companies of knights represented many kingdoms and traveled extensively to compete this is very plausible that Port Ares and Camlion are not the only lands in a much larger fantasy realm… and foreigners coming into the port to compete would be normal. Thought the ICly gains and prizes would not…. as those are specific to the sims ongoing story-lines.

You can register as an individual combatant or a company as long as you remain IC at all times.

(This does not include class teaching events which will be ooc for ease of instruction-they will be posted)

If you are from another sim and wish to register ICly please do so ahead of the events. All participants must be adults avatars… and follow the classification rules of races and sim rules to IC conduct during competition. ALL ooc rules apply.

They Must remain IC Character, they Must treat those who live/play on these sims with the titles and respect given to residence…. and be within our Lore to participate.


Forsaken Realms Leadership Decided in the Festivals- Chancellor!

Forsaken Realms has a council who creates the laws and policies ICly within the forsaken realms. 

Both Port Ares and Camlion are sovereign realms….in the peace accords they have created a council. to be the voice of the people.  It consists of Representatives of both Port Ares and Camlion.

Camlion is represented by their Reigning Queen has one seat on the council. 

Neutral factions not claiming alliance with either realm may have a seat on the council if they prove to be an established representation of those people. 

The other council Seats are from factions within the city.

Each Faction has one Seat and one Vote.

The Chancellor is the head of the Council and had the Deciding Vote for three months.
The position is decided at the Festivals the winning team claims Victory and designates a leader from its team to claim the position.

(ooc this is a way to get teams to work together in active rp from a political and martial arts standpoint. Bringing various skill sets as players together to win a position Icly. it changes every three months so that we ensure many people get a change at power as well as ensuring those that govern are not just the ooc leaders of the sim. But the Real active players who contribute so much to the ongoing storylines of the sims.)