Once Upon A Time

It is said that long ago, the Elves ruled the lands. They wielded magic easily, which gave them an advantage over all other races, Something that some grew to resent. The rising tension between humans and Elves caused a rift between the races, driving them ever further from peace. War broke out, Elves believed that they would always be far superior… Their hubris made them weak, blinding them to a tactical strike upon the heart of their magic – the tree of the the ancients.

While some races decided to remain neutral others were not so lucky and had been drawn into the consequences of this great war. Tragedy in one form or another affected them all.

With the tree destroyed, magic faded from the world. Slowly through generations, it disappeared, and the magic wielding elves felt it harder than any other race. The strength of humans was in their talent for combat. Thanks to their clever tacticians and war strategists – they used Orcs’ berserk rage to turn the tides of war, and for the first time the Elves were beaten.

Miraculously, over the years some of the remnants of the old magic had time to seep back into the Elven homeland, leaving one last blessing for any who were to be born within this realm – agelessness. Through the pools of eternity at the center of Camlion. This would temporarily halt aging for any who drank directly from the source, when age lines began to show one must return to drink again.

The light elves took it upon themselves to protect this last bastion of magic which could give a hope of lasting peace. Without magic, the Elves – both light and dark – would learn the Human art of combat, training in swordsmanship and archery. Most found a natural affinity for the bow. A new way of life was upon them, those who had stayed within their ancestral home -became protectors of nature and last of the magic that flowed through their lands.

Without magic, some elves would go underground to seek protection, this splinter sect of elves over generations would become known as Dark Elves, their appearances morphing over time to fit their new home. There, in the light-less caverns and endless warrens of twisting passages, the dark elves found refuge. Most became interested only in personal power and their own survival. What developed was dark elf society; cutthroat, its politics are rife with intrigue. Dark Elves now find themselves more aligned with mankind than their light elf brothers and sisters. Finding themselves outcast to the slums and tunnels within most human cities, the connection to nature severed and irreparable.

Due to their bloodlust and love of battle, the Orcs suffered the greatest losses. Their population was decimated. After the tree of of ancients had been destroyed, Elves used the last of their most powerful magic to summon a tsunami to sink the Orcish homeland. The survivors were left desperately trying to hold on to the remains of their culture. Orcs are social and have a need to belong within a group. If none of their kind can be found, they will seek out other individuals who tend to live by the code “survival of the fittest”. Most Orcs are now found within the darker corners of the realm as they enjoy getting their hands dirty and don’t mind hard work.

The Fae and shifters who had remained neutral during the great war came out of hiding learning to adjust with the loss of magic in their own ways trapped with this new outcome. Dwarves came out of the mines started up old businesses again and moved more freely from realm to realm.

Some citizens turned to the power of coin, some would delve deeper into their religions, praying to new and different gods to find hope where it had otherwise been lost. Port Ares would flourish, now filled with every race. In the eyes of humans, Elves were beginning to be seen as a weak and dying race. Orcs had served their purpose in the great war. Much like opening Pandora’s box, the world was now filled with other evils: sickness, disease, death, famine, greed, war and strife. Without the leadership of Elvenkind, man’s greed prevailed! The dawning of this new age had awakened the evils that had previously dwelt dormant in the deepest parts of the hearts of men. With humans in control, violence runs rampant, often staining the lands and waters with blood. Countless lives have been lost as this new world is ushered in. Magic is all but gone, though there are whispered rumors of a crown that can bring dead back to life, and for those who know of it, an endless pool that grants agelessness to all who drink from it.

Port Ares is home to the worst criminals in all the land. Those that make the Port their home have carved out their roles on the high seas, making this once shining harbor into a corrupt and seedy underbelly. Many dark elves have found comfort in the darkness of the slums and mines of the Port as well. The Orcs have moved into the Port, finding work often in the seedier areas hiring themselves out as muscle.

Camlion is where the light Elves and fae reside and those who wish to protect the pools of eternity. Peaceful and harmonious with nature, It houses the last bits of magic and the Crown of Resurrection. The village is looked after by the new Queen and her brethren.