As Above so Below

Magic has all but Disappeared after the Great Wars

Long ago in the great wars the ancient tree was destroyed. This was the source point to all magics within the realms.

Normal magic flow was disrupted and even innate abilities of the races ceased. Magical portals destroyed.  Tombs burned… items crushed… stones corrupted. 

Slowly it seeped Through the pools of eternity at the center of Camlion protected to this day.

It lives in the plants and among the animals. 

No being has been able to Cast magic since these events.

Now through the centuries it appears though small Sparks… something has changed. 

This is the age of man, the domination of Port Ares…. the age of invention.

Remnant teachings from Seers, Shamen and Druids who continue to research moves forward some hidden from sight. Those that ask, Can it be restored? What is left that seems to still work?

Explore and find out.

Natural Magic Seems to still exist.

The focus of natural magic and all the natural forces in the universe. This includes practices, such as alchemy, medicine, herbology and astrology. Various divination arts are often included in magical practices, though many don’t call these things true magic like before the great war. 

Magic came in many forms. It often seemed to overlapped and intersected each other, but each had their own properties, uses and definition. That is what is known. 

Druids as Healers they have Found that the properties and combination of plants to known medicine can create healing at astonishing rates.

Shamen know that all things in nature still have a specific Flow and a season. They still pray to the divine. 

Seers still can see what can not be seen, the dead can not speak as yet but possibilities are futures can still be read in the stars.   

Magics of the Past

Spells may require a verbal, somatic, or material component or a magical focus in any of the many forms. 

Arcane are abjuration, conjuration, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, necromancy, and transmutation.

Universal  Abjuration: Spells that protect, block, or banish

Divine  are are mainly granted by the grace of the patron deity. devoted to either healing the wounded, restoring lost abilities, and acquiring blessings, or to inflict harm and to curse opponents. 

Wild A form of arcane magic used by Wild mages that can tap directly into nature to create often unpredictable results.

Elven High  powerful ritual magic that can only be used by Elves and can affect even Gods. Elven high mages were all but wiped out in the wars and only in the line of the Royals still retains any of their past powers. including using the Crown to bring back the dead. It also allowing them the ability to use the waters protected in their homelands to give other races agelessness… for a short time. it is said this is the only reason why the humans do not overrun the once powerful Elven race totally…

Pacts these create contracts between users. mostly utilized by the Fae. it was also said ancient dark denizens no longer seen in the realms and known only now to orc shamans. there are strict rules to pact magics and dire consequences if they were to fail. 

Illusion Used by the Fae  figment, glamour, pattern, phantasm, and shadow.

 Primal mostly used by the shifter race. Primal powers are called evocations. 

Shadow considered dark and dangerous only rumors are known even in the days before the wars. Guarded or perhaps just myth. 

Necromancy involve death, undeath, and the manipulation of life energy.  Forbidden in the realms. 

Truename ancient indeed and also said to be mere legend none still alive or so it is rumored have seen it in action. use the true name of a creature or object immense power over it. 

The casting of spells

Since the Great war the ability to Cast spells has been broken asunder and only a few items or tidbits remain. 

it is said there were Verbal, Somatic, Material, practice, Experience, focus and implementation involved in such castings. 

Only a few beings in the realms are old enough to even understand the concepts of such things. Even less about reversal of spells. 

older beings such as dragons are no longer seen in the realms, they were seen as great sources and teachers until the ancient tree was destroyed and magic broken. 

Fae speak in whispers and loss on the topic and in riddles. They are stuck here their homeland through a portal destroyed. 

Shifters magics strictly connected to the moons cycles and perhaps its deities no longer work they are at the mercy of the moons ever shifting cycles.