OOC Rules

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse

  • This is an adult sim. You and your character must be at least 18 years old.
  • NO AGEPLAY. No characters will be approved who are below 18 years of age.
  • How to apply-You must apply in world. Teleport to the landing zone.  Once you are at the landing point there is a mailbox for applications located next to the admins login monitors. Having clicked that mailbox it will direct you to an application and registration page for this site. The registration will allow you to log into this website viewing news and events. It will also send you in world groups based on your characters application. I.E. you applied to be a human it will enter you into the Port Ares group in world. 
  • NO NPCS. NPCs are reserved for Admin use only for the use of sim wide events.
  • THIS IS A MINIMAL MODERATION SIM. For OOC issues a admin or moderator can be contacted but all RP should be handled ICLY and will not be moderated. In certain situations involving meta or power gaming a mod can be requested.
  • No OOC insults, aggressive behavior, threats, etc. if no admin is on you can submit an OOC complaint on the website.
  • No direct teleport between locations.
  • COPYBOTTERS and GRIEFERS will be ejected, permanently banned, and reported to Linden Labs without question.
  • Do not message people who are shopping in the store and harass them. You are here to RP and they are here to shop. This is a zero tolerance rule. You will be banned permanently. Same goes for those here to shop but harassing people on sim.
  • Rideable mounts are allowed on sim, horses only.
  • No furries you must look like a realistic Adult Avatar that portrays the race/class you have chosen. No huge tails, no enormous avatars that impede other rpers. Yes this is a fantasy sim but you must dress your avatar according your characters race
    Dress code is medieval/fantasy. No modern clothing. (examples no jeans, tennis shoes, suits) If you need visual help here is a link to Pinterest to use for examples of clothing styles.

If it becomes obvious you are becoming an issue OOC and constantly being addressed you will just simply be banned and removed from the sim. We are here to roleplay and patience on BS is thin.