Port Ares

Pirates, outlaws, slavery, oh my


Before the war the Port was the trade central destination of the world. A thriving port that was alive with those who came with dreams of striking it rich and acquiring a small fortune to make a name for themselves in the trade game. Though in time greed took over the port and that lust for power took hold over the port dividing into several small gangs and factions whose leaders fight in a never ending game of control.

It was because of their fear of magic that the wars took place at all.

Present Day

The port is again booming but not as a thriving trade destination and place people flock to with dreams but a melting pot of the world most feared. Underneath the merchant exterior lay the Assassins, Pirates, Thieves, Outlaws, Rapista, and the rest of the worlds outcast coming together to provide a Kingdom with no king, and little law. Faction territories developed and kingpins controlled. These leaders came to an agreement and create a council.

Every four months the factions compete for the right to become the chancellor and leader of the council.
(See Festival of life)
The position has the deciding vote in all things, is in charge of the city as a whole communicating with the leaders with a promise neutrality in all territories to conduct business. The other leaders of the factions lead in their own interests in their own territories. It is highly recommended for visitors not to travel alone and know who controls which district before entering, as the dangers of the Port are well known throughout the Kingdoms.

Humans were raised a PATRIARCHAL society; a system in which men hold primary power and are predominant in roles in political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of the household. As the Port is controlled by humans this remains the common culture within the city no matter the races that live within. Through all things flow the fathers bloodline. Women may hold property, businesses and even slaves within the Port. Women can protect themselves with weapons and fight back against a man and even call out for help though none may arrive. Men are seen as authoritative figures and leaders of their families as well as the providers and protectors. Some men take this to heart more then others for like all things it depends on the individual. Despite this the Port recognized strength and willpower above all else, no matter your race or sex, as it is often said the law of the land comes down to survival of the fittest. If you could prove yourself to be strong then respect was give where it was due.

Forced slavery did happen in the port; on occasion, it is not unheard of or shocking to see a man taking what he wishes from another in public. However most found themselves in unwanted slavery because of outstanding debts, forced into indentured servitude until the debt was considered repaid. Most slavery came from submissions, they belonged to the person they surrendered to, and in doing so they gave up control in order to gain protection. They were not considered a lowly form of worker, nor did it make them less in the eyes of the law or society. Humans believed that their was no shame in giving yourself to another that dominance and submission was a natural way of the world.

All those who reside within the Port are advised to join one of the gangs, or pledged loyalty. (You may also create your own) Each gang/faction has its own requirements and codes, each will often have a central location within the Port you can see out to join them. Those who are not a part of a gang do not have the protection others within the Port have and can easily lose what they claim as theirs, including their freedom. Gangs often make claims of territory within the Port, fighting each other to gain power, bragging rights and prestige. Sometimes even working together if they share a common enemy.

OOC Info

Warning: The port is meant for a darker style of Roleplay.

LAWS – Gangs and Factions may have their own codes ruling a territory. The only laws are upheld after years of struggles is through a council. Each faction has a representative. A Chancellor holds the top spot and is changed through IC rp every 4 months. Do all listen to this council? Some will some won’t…. that is entirely up to the factions and players within the game.
RACE – The port has a mix of Races, Even orcs who have been given residence within the slums and underground tunnels throughout the port.

Note: Slaves who enter with no owner are on their own for finding ownership. You can offer service at a business, to an individual, or linger around the docks. There is no slave house, no training, no check in location.

If you want protection in the port join or become loyal to a gang. The gangs are expected to protect their own.


All rentals on the continent have a non negotiable 3 Linden per 1 prim ratio.
All towers are reserved for gangs and not available for rent.

Port Rental Contacts


gyrefalconn Resident




Guilds & Current Leads

The leaders of the ports different gangs and factions are the only form of governing voice the port has and the only reason for it is to keep some peace between them is the council. The leaders of these groups can request a meeting of the ports leaders where each gang and faction leader comes together to meet in front of the port chancelor to settle a dispute or find an agreement. They don’t always agree and have their own true interest in mind, but they are the ones who speak for the port.

Want to create your own gang or faction? You can submit a request on the website for review. You need at least five members to be considered a gang or faction of some type.

Gang – a group of people, especially young people, who regularly associate together.
Faction – a small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics.


Leader: Titan Footman.

Roles Outside of Guilds

WENCHES- Are women who are the lowest of all women and just above slaves you would see around the port. Fortune tellers who sell fake tonics, small time thieves. Sell themselves for men’s pleasure on the open streets or sell information to the different guilds and crews for protection or money.

WAYFARER-These people are often seen playing music in the streets, traveling about the Port and its surrounding areas to bring, poetry., song and dance to the people. They never seem to stay in one place long, always in search of the spotlight and tend to draw a crowd, creating impromptu performances of the arts. These people stay natural with it comes to the gangs of the port and because of the entertainment they bring rarely are they met with hostility.

MERCHANTS- Privately owned and operated shops anything from a nice sweet bakery to a filthy whore house with secret whorish rooms They knowingly take the risk of being a free standing, facing shake downs for protection money if not aligned. Merchants would some times pay for the protection of various guilds in order to keep their stores from vandals. (To be Merchant you must run a business)

OUTLAWS -Hunters of the open lands or criminals inside the port and other kingdoms. Pick off wandering citizens from other kingdoms and trade them throughout the port for their own gain. Rapist, criminals, murderers, outcasts of the worlds. Venture into the slums of any kingdom and you might find their members. They do not have an organized guild but commonly found around the port and make for good recruits to the others. Though seen in the port they typically live outside the ports walls.