Roleplay Rules

Read em and weep or sob

  • Negative Thought Emoting – Giving exposition and thought emotes tends to happen in most posts. However, using your thought emotes to bash, insult, damage reputation, accuse or lie about another player is NOT fair game. You need to give players something to react to, deny or continue a conversation. Continuous negative thought emoting can result in action from moderators or Admins.

  • RP limits will be honored to a certain extent. Players may choose to FTB to get out of explicit roleplay they do not feel comfortable participating in, such as rape or excessive violence and gore if they are brought here by capture and stated in your profile as a limit.

  • Limits such as “No binding, no nudity, no branding, no killing, no hair cutting, and no collaring”…etc are unacceptable

  • You have the right to “Fade to Black” However, if you FTB, you lose the right to retaliate against the scene you did the FTB on.

  • TP’ing out of an RP because you don’t like the direction is it going will result in a possible ban.

  • No Bird RP. All roleplay must be done in local chat. No calling your group for backup when you get attacked.

  • You must drink in character from the pools of pools of eternity in order for your character to stop aging, even if it is included in your back-story you still need to drink again at least once in order to renew the effects. This is in an effort to promote Roleplay.

  • All personal home doors are consider locked, you may not just walk into someone’s home uninvited. If you break into a house you must Roleplay this out. Locking pick should take longer then one line of Rp, try to be somewhat realistic in your approach.

  • Characters may die. There is an IC option for resurrection, however is not a guaranteed resurrection.

  • You need to post into a scene if you wish to be acknowledged as being there. Just because you are within 20m does not automatically give you IC knowledge. You must visibly see it and post about it if you wish to have IC.

  • Spying – IC Spying still needs to be posted in your roleplay. Do not stand within chat range of others and not interact with the scene, then state later you ‘overheard’ something. Post you are there, listening in. If your method of spying is not posted in, your IC information could be voided. Ex. /me Sits around the corner eavesdropping on the conversation going on in the other room.

  • No shouting because the 100 meter distance is unrealistic. Also shouting spams other people roleplay scenes whom are not in the area of your roleplay. Use normal chat or whisper when appropriate.

  • We use ZCS coins for IC currency. If you don’t have enough coins to buy something in your ZCS wallet, you will have to work out a deal or trade. What you have is what you have. No imaginary funds will be used. Make sure to use this information accordingly in your Rp. We encourage the use of ZCS coins for RP economy