In all ports there is a grape vine a rumor mill… and some attentive ears seem to hear the most interesting tales. How true are they…..

Only known as the Widow Maker, He had been a loyal spymaster for over a dozen years. As a dutiful servant, he feels compelled to investigate the newest courtesans. This brings attention on him which might seem a sticky situation for someone who likes to remain in the shadows. He meant to infiltrate the capital Port Ares, however this new business has him sidetracked.

As the Harbor Masters seizes an undocumented ships cargo… it seems everything the captains holds dear might be lifted off that ship and into the coffers of the city. it’s been a rough corrupt year…and Instead of bringing stability back to the realm things if this nature seem to keep everyone guessing who is next…. more inquiries bring the wrath of Several other other local merchants. what can be done? Did someone forget how things work in this town or whose palm they needed to grease?

Tristan and Star have been friends for as long as they remember, and when star decides to put her life at risk to participate in a tournament put on by the Queen for the title of First Guardian of Camlion, Tristan does what he can to stop her for she is no match for the seasons knights participating he fears the worst.