The Surrender the booty is a popular tavern, known to be the spot in Port Ares to always give you a good time. This week we are told they have a new and very unique attraction: the staff is delighted when one of its known busty wenches tinkertits has found a new way to take the customers orders. Plus the prices are cheaper and the food all tastes great.

Its been observed that when some Wayfarers had ordered food & drink they get a show as well. A flying quill has been seen sweeping bout the main room….acknowledging customer orders then flying to the kitchen. Some giggling could be heard distinctly from the kitchens, then the wenches bring their order in a flash. It has been confirmed that the profits have increased and the wenches all seem to be in on this new fast service feat. Most city folk from the upper levels say was this all just some drunken rumor?

It is also said that if you go to this tavern you might meet with a potential contracts who are always requesting that the adventurous types meet up in this tavern specifically.