The moon maidens come with their long diaphanous gowns, shells adoring their long hair, to bring offerings to the harbor so that Port Ares economic sources might be blessed by Atargatis. The piers and docks are decked with ribbons, and spices bring an odd fragrance that seems to suggest a frenzy in the very air. They bring gifts some the sacred fishes of different kinds they had reared in pools for this purpose. Some of these fish grow to a great size; they are called by names, and approach when called in the shallows. One of these ornamented with gold, and on its back fin a gold design was dedicated. Released into the waters at first lights of the full moon. They begin floating and moving in the water, and many deem to see them shimmer is good luck. The order and citizens may join them in the waters. Festival swimming in the harbor with crowns on their heads performing their acts of adoration some might even say are lude..the orders maidens offering all manner of delights to those that praise the moon.