After a Daring Adventure on patrol. The shifter Sir Corvus,ArchDuke Nephilim Ventris. Seer Atrasalus and the Elven Queen Seikhelgyre….they encounter strange noises and tales of what seemed like a cave in under the city in the tunnels. Upon inspection they are attacked by and strange gangly half starved creatures in new tunnels they have found. Upon defeating the creatures they all make a hasty retreat before more show up. in the excitement Atrasalus faints and upon trying to rouse her gently the party hears her speak… eyes white…she utters these words.

“two moons of light then one of red, Gods of old thought long ded. come to take what once was their’s as the sprout takes hold at the grounds of heirs”

What does it mean? searching tombs. Druids and shamans and elders for answers? What about the shadows now floating about and even darker things…
Be careful Citizens there is danger Afoot.