Want Ads, Rumors and Gossip- brought to you from the Eccentric Scribery News Services.

Gambling Den in the swamps ~ Come join us for the first annual bucket festival! Bring a bucket and you favourite drinks to join in the festivities. Meet out back the dilapidated house in the swamp any time. You know the one, you’ve seen it in your dreams.

Chicken Wrangler Needed! Some jerks smashed my coop and now 100 chickens are loose. 1SP/chicken to return them, no questions asked.’

Exterminator needed: There’s a bunch of noise coming from the attic. Like chains or moaning or something. It’s probably those damn raccoons again. I would have my husband look into it, but the lazy oaf up and died on me. Payment dependant on work done.

Strong Swimmer Needed! My simpleton apprentice left my ore cart unattended on the bridge and the blasted thing tumbled into the Harbor! Hopefully the ore is still in there somewhere, I’ll pay anyone who can get me my ore!

TEST SUBJECT NEEDED! We at the Port Ares Bakery are looking for subjects to test out our new magical breads. We infuse magic herbs into the mixing process for a, hopefully, tasteful bread. You will need to taste each bread, and have our scholar review the side effects. You will be paid per day.

Wandering Skeleton: Wandering Skeleton seen on the outskirts of town. It appears armed with a sword, shield and horned helmet. Dispatch this skeleton and we’ll offer you 10% off anything in town ,merchant guild.